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TROOPS BBQ Kabob Buddie Motorized Battery Operated Kabob Rotisserie with FREE Extra-Wide Skewers 3-Pack.

The ultimate grill accessory and setup for great kabobs anywhere!

LIMITED TIME OFFER - FREE Extra-Wide Skewer 3-Pack Included - a $14.99 Value! These flat, sturdy extra wide skewers with hardwood handles are perfect for large pieces of beef or pork, fish - even wet vegetables won't slip or spin as they do on conventional width skewers.

Only $99.99 + FREE SHIPPING!


TROOPS BBQ Deluxe 4-Piece Barbeque Grilling Kit - The Perfect Gift for Anyone That Loves Grilling!

4-Piece Grilling Kit Includes our High-Temperature, Cut-Resistant Kevlar & Silicone Insulated Extreme Heat Grilling Gloves, PLUS our 2-Pack 100% Non-Stick Teflon Grill Mats, PLUS our Anti-Fog Orange Grilling Goggles with Storage Case & Cleaning Cloth!

4-Piece Grilling Kit Price of $35.99 is 20% Off Combined Regular Individual Items Price

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TROOPS BBQ Extreme Heat Resistant Grilling Gloves for Cooking, BBQ and Baking

High-Temperature, premium 2-layer Kevlar & Nomex seamless gloves with Silicone Strips for exceptional grip and extra-long cuffs to protect hands and wrists from extreme heat while grilling, smoking, cooking and even tending the fire, plus superior fit compared to mitts!

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Wood Beer Flight Sampler Paddle w/ 6-4.75 oz. Pilsner Sampler Glasses

A fun and convenient way for your friends and guests to sample their favorite brews! Made of durable wood with an attractive, red-brown finish, this wood beer sampler paddle features six, 2-1/4" cutouts, perfect for any sample you wish to serve with style. Also great for offering up to six mini martinis, juice samples, or popular dessert shots!

Only $25.99 from SwagDaddy!

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Recipe For The Kabob Buddie & Wide Skewers

Iranian Kabob Recipe - Kabob Koobideh Grilled Ground Meat Kabob

Koobideh is Iran’s signature Kabob and the most famous of them all. It is made from ground lamb, beef or chicken mixed with chopped onions. Koobideh refers to how the meat was prepared, originally placed on a black flat stone and then smashed with a wooden mallet.